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A Fresh New Spain Eco Resorts Concept

DDG resort- An Eco Retreats in Spain

Having travelled more than 60 countries ourselves, the inspiration of DDG retreat came from the diverse cultures of various nations around the world. During our journey, we were deeply affected by the beauty of natural and eco-friendly places that we visited and stayed at. With an aim of constructing an eco paradise in Europe, we focused our efforts to create a beautiful eco retreat in Spain. Be it clean air, pure water, fresh food, lush green gardens or forest preservation in South of Spain, we are sincerely devoted to maintaining ecological aspects in our resort.


Our resort was built to combine with the natural beauty of surrounding landscapes while protecting forest life. In fact, the Retreat was designed to protect the forest area and till we finished our project, we lost only 3 trees during the entire construction process. We did our best to overcome this loss by planting about hundred new trees that helped in increasing the greenery at larger scale. All of our Casas are constructed with a specific design customized to its position in the woodland as we did not wanted to cause any harm to adjoining trees and their roots. Our Casas are specifically designed to offer complete privacy to the guest and increase their delight of surrounding nature. Mostly built from wooden material, our Casas have attractive grass roofing. From designing till occupancy, we have been concerned about protecting the environment throughout the process of establishing a perfect eco resort in Spain.



We, at DDG eco resort in Spain carry out recycling process by handling all 4 types of refuse from households - organic, paper, glass and plastic and placing them in special containers in order to be recycled as much as possible. We guide our guests to avoid consumption of products made from plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. We make use of glass bottles for drinking purpose and we have storage tanks for waste water so that it can be used for irrigation purposes.



When it comes to water facilities, we utilize our own water from underground reservoir located at a depth of 106 meters supplying chlorine-free water to the guests. The mineral rich water that we provide is beneficial to the skin. The heated infinity swimming pool at our premises gets water supply from our well (it is naturally blue colored water which is very uncommon) and we try to avoid the use of chlorine in water wherever possible. Our ozone system purifies water and makes it suitable for use.



We ensure the comfort of our guests by providing them certified toiletries from «Natura Siberica» along with a complete range of health and beauty products made available from wild harvested Siberian herbs. We select and use herbs that were used by Siberians and were added to the elixirs of health and beauty for Russian royal families. These exceptional plants that survived the Ice Age were forced to adapt the harshest environment of the planet-Siberia. Therefore, these plants were able to develop rare qualities and health benefits in order to survive, and when used theoretically, they were able to slow aging processes of the skin. Siberia is home to unique plants due to its extreme climatic conditions. For surviving in Siberia, plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients possessing incredible antioxidant properties.  DDG resort, an eco retreat in Spain uses Siberian plants to formulate cosmetics that provide amazing vital power to your skin. By offering genuine Siberian beauty products, we have always been eager to reveal the secrets of an ancient Siberian beauty secret. «Natura Siberica» cosmetic products that we use are officially certified by ECO BIO standards of European Union, ICEA and they comply with the standards of European quality organic cosmetic products.



We ensure the protection of every indigenous species of native trees and plants existing around our resort. Enjoying the green forest land of pines, cork oaks and wild olives, DDG Retreat is located near the Natural Park with Casas situated at places where our guests can enjoy the beautiful views of surrounding natural wild life. Guests can easily witness sights of rare animal species like vultures, wild goats, wild boars, roe deer and hares in their natural habitats right from their Casa.   

We have worked hard towards planting subtropical and pine trees in our resort. Wildlife of Southern Spain is at high risk of extinction due to numerous incidences of forest fires during the rainless days of hot summers in the region. But, our initiative to plant more and more trees for paying back nature has enabled us to create a perfect harmony between our resort and nature.


Woodland SPA

Our amazing woodland spa retreat in Spain, Europe has been established using eco friendly methods and natural ingredients. Located in the middle of beautiful trees, our woodland spa offers treatments with the use of organic, honey, sugarcane and other natural detoxifying treatments. Our experienced therapist is a holistic practitioner and uses natural remedies in every spa treatment. The products we use in woodland Spa are entirely biodegradable and this is the highlight of our eco retreat in Spain.



If you are fond of driving at hilly areas, the drive from the coast to our retreat can be quite breathtaking as it offers stunning sea views. Situated at the cost of Costa del Sol, 500 meters above sea level, DDG Retreat is located just outside the beautiful town of Pueblo Blanco – Casares. There are easy transportation facilities available around the town and our resort is only few minutes away from Malaga and Gibraltar airport where you can easily hire cars for a memorable trip to our premises.

With a simple approach of attracting mostly adults, we ensure that they spend their holiday in a private and peaceful environment. Our fabulous location allows our guests to blend with nature through bird singings, gentle fragrance of pine trees and a fresh ambience that comes from a refreshing eco-type environment. The surrounding region includes several wind turbines generating high power. We believe that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement and this is why, we always try hard to fulfill our ambition. We constantly monitor and improve the efficiency of our eco credentials to retain our position as a reputed eco resort in Spain.

We welcome you to come and enjoy your dream holidays at DDG retreat!

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