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Our eco friendly concept


Inspiration for DDG Retreat has come from our travels around the world – having travelled extensively ourselves and having been lucky enough to have visited more than 60 countries all over the world, we have been moved most by the natural and eco-friendly places we’ve had the privilege to stay at. Our aim was to recreate a special eco paradise here in Europe and then came the idea of eco retreats in Spain.
We are paying a lot of attention to ecological aspects – clean air, pure water, fresh food, greenery and forest preservation in the south of Spain.

Our houses were constructed to integrate with the landscape and to protect the forest. In fact the Retreat was designed around protection of the forest and by the end of our eco resort we lost only 3 trees. To compensate we planted 100 new ones making our surroundings more towards the greener side of the spectrum.
Each casa has a unique design bespoke to its position in the woodland as we were very keen to ensure there was no risk to any tree roots. Each casa was strategically located to ensure privacy for our guests and to maximize their enjoyment of this natural environment.
Most of our casas have been built from wood. We have used grass for roofing, constructed by local craftsmen from a nearby village.
Throughout the whole process from design to occupancy we have been passionate about protecting the environment creating one of the most eco friendly resorts in the whole of Spain.


We handle household refuse by 4 categories - organic, paper, glass and plastic and these are placed in special containers for recycling where possible.
In addition we encourage our guests to reduce consumption of plastic bottles. For example we supply free drinking water every day via glass bottles in each casa that we refill them without the guests getting disturbed.
We use special biological tanks for waste water and use recycled water for irrigation.


We use our own water from our underground reservoir which is located on the depth of 106 meters so our guests can enjoy chlorine-free water. Our water is rich with minerals and is very healthy for your skin.
Our heated swimming pool is filled with water from our well (it is a naturally blue water which is very unusual) and we prefer not to use chlorine where possible. We have an ozone system of cleaning water.



We use only certified toiletries from «Natura Siberica» and offer our guests a comprehensive line of health and beauty products created from wild harvested Siberian herbs and unique natural materials to enhance properties of all active ingredients.
The herbs which are used have been traditionally used by Siberians for countless years, and were made into elixirs of health and beauty for the Russian royal family.
These unique plants survived the Ice Age by adapting to one of the planet’s most severe environments: Siberia. As a result, they possess rare qualities which help to enhance general well-being, and when used therapeutically, are renowned for slowing aging processes of the skin.
Due to its extreme conditions, Siberia offers plants with unique health and beauty benefits. To survive, Siberian herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties. We use Siberian plants to create cosmetics that will provide your skin with extraordinary vital power. We are happy to present to you genuine Siberian beauty products and would love to share the opportunity to lift the lid off an ancient Siberian beauty secret.
«Natura Siberica» cosmetic products have been certified by ECO BIO standard in European Union, ICEA and comply with European quality standards for organic cosmetic products.


We have ensured that we protect the indigenous native tree and plant species and our land includes a variety of native pines, cork oaks and wild olives.
We are located near the Natural Park and have positioned our casas to ensure guests can enjoy views of natural wild life, for example huge circling vultures, wild goat, wild boar, roe deer and hares.
During last few years we have done a lot of work towards planting new subtropical and pine trees. Unfortunately south of Spain is always at high risk and suffers a high incidence of fires during hot summer months due to severe lack of rains and many forest have burnt down. But we take the initiative to plant more and more trees and pay back nature for all it has given us and by doing this our resort lies in absolute harmony with nature.


Our spa retreat in Spain, Europe has been built using natural materials and eco friendly techniques. It is located amongst the trees and we offer eco-treatments using organic, honey and sugarcane and other natural detoxifying treatments. Our therapist is a holistic practitioner and uses natural remedies and treatments. All the products are completely biodegradable and is the highlight of our eco retreats in Spain.


From this year we are introducing bicycles to encourage guests to cycle rather than drive. We have some fantastic cycle routes in our area.
Our area is also fantastic for hikers and we encourage guests to explore the area on foot.
To avoid guests feeling the need to hire a car for the duration of their stay we can arrange airport transfers on their behalf, encouraging them to walk or cycle to explore the beautiful area that surrounds our Retreat.
Our approach is based on attracting mainly adults to enjoy privacy, peace and beauty of our Retreat. During their stay our guests can enjoy bird singing, gentle scent of pines and the general ambience that comes with being in a natural eco-type environment.
Our region has many wind turbines that produce power making.
We accept that we still have further work to do to fulfill our ultimate ambition but we intend to constantly monitor and improve our eco credentials making ours the best eco resorts in Spain.

Come and Enjoy!

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