10 Astonishingly Romantic Things To Do On Your Anniversary In Spain

We’re always delighted to hear from guests that they’ve chosen DDG Retreat to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion. Couples enjoy the romantic ambience here and often comment how quickly they find themselves instantly relaxed as they soak up the peace and tranquillity of our beautiful woodland setting. Sometimes guests tell us it’s a struggle to drag themselves away from their comfy sun lounger, the pampering spa treatments or the spectacular views – but when they’re here to mark a special event many are looking for that one wow factor experience that they’ll remember forever.

From the feedback we receive, we know that if our guests are going to venture out, then it’s got to be something pretty special. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 amazing experiences that can be enjoyed within easy travelling distance of the Retreat. Whether our nomadic romantics have got the need for speed or prefer more leisurely pursuits there’s genuinely a fantastic range of activities to enjoy here in Andalucia and the Costa Del Sol.

And if you’re still stuck for inspiration please contact Daria info@ddgretreat.com who’ll always go the extra mile to help you plan your perfect holiday.



Get Your Motor Running – Hire a Ferrari for the Day.


This region of the country has some of the most visually stunning scenery, not only in Spain, but anywhere in Europe. Being one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, second only to Switzerland, all you need to do is find the right elevated position and you will be in for a real treat. So why not hire a Ferrari or other luxury supercar for the day and take in some of the stunning Andalucian countryside?

There are a number of companies that offer luxury car rentals on the coast including Europe Luxury Car Hire and Blue Sky Car Hire.

Yellow Ferrari

Image source http://www.pickywallpapers.com




Hit the Heights – Hot Air Ballooning


If burning rubber is not for you, then another way for you take in all of the magnificent scenery is to take a hot air ballooning trip. You will not only get a bird’s-eye-view of the coast, you will also be able to enjoy the calm and serenity that comes from hot air ballooning.

There are a number of websites that offer hot air ballooning in this area of Spain. Many offer the option of taking the trip on a non-shared basis, giving you exclusive usage of the balloon for a two to three hour period!

You may want to check out Glovento Sur or Experience Box Spain.

Hot Air Balloons

Image courtesy of stephanwita on Flickr.




Say Hello to Flipper – Take a Dolphin Trip


Let’s face it, it’s not very often that you get to see whales and dolphins up close and personal. Well, there just so happens to be an abundance of these fascinating creatures just waiting to make your acquaintance.

The Strait of Gibraltar is under an hours drive from the DDG Retreat here in Casares, with regular whale and dolphin watching excursions provided by a number of companies including www.firmm.org.

This is a great opportunity to view bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, pilot whales and even Orca’s who frequently inhabit this area of the Mediterranean during the summer month’s.

Dolphin Watching

Image courtesy of www.firmm.org




Foot Stomping Andalucian Action – Flamenco Show


Andalusia can be associated with a number of things, but one of the most famous has to be Spanish Flamenco. Originally attributed to the Romani people of Spain (Gitanos), the passion of Flamenco spectacle can be seen not only in the dancing, but also in the music that is such an integral part of the whole Flamenco performance.

There are so many Flamenco shows on the coast that you will be spoilt for choice.

Spanish Flamenco Dancers

Image courtesy of epyon on Flickr.




Ride Like the Wind – Go Horse Riding Through the Andalucian Countryside

Horse riding together through the stunning Andalusian countryside, taking in the breathtaking scenery of white washed villages and panoramic views of the glimmering  Mediterranean sea is romance with a capital R!

Andalucia has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. With its impressive mountain ranges and rich culture it truly is paradise for those who love horse riding.

Mountain trail rides, stunning views, splashing through the riverbeds, or winding your way through the fragrant avocado, olive and orange groves are just some of the rides that are available to you via a number of providers on the Costa del Sol including http://www.ridingfuninthesun.com/

Horse Riding Spain

Image courtesy of http://www.ridingfuninthesun.com




Slippery When Wet – Go Scuba Diving Together


If horse riding isn’t for you, maybe scuba diving is. Discover and experience together, the amazing sights of the beautiful corals and stunning sea life that lies in the depths of the Mediterranean sea.

There are several companies like http://www.simplydiving.com/  that offer scuba diving courses and diving experiences for both the first time and experienced divers alike.

Scuba Diving Spain

Image courtesy of http://www.simplydiving.com




Say Your Prayers – Take a Walk Together Around the Buddhist Stupa

At the DDG Retreat, we offer you some of the best views anywhere on the Costa del Sol, but if you are venturing out and visit Benalmadena while on your travels, you may want to stop off at the unmissable Buddhist Stupa.

Located in Benalmadena Pueblo, which is less than one hour from the Retreat, this wonderful Buddhist temple offers some stunning views of the coastline. Built in 2003 the Stupa measures a total of 108 feet in height. It’s been said that if you walk around the Stupa twice in a clockwise direction and in silence, meditating on your dreams and ambitions, they will come true! So why not experience this with a loved one?

Buddhist Stupa Benalmadena




Come Dine With Me – Romantic Dinner at the Puerto Banus Marina

The famous Puerto Banus Marina is the ideal location for you to end your day with a romantic candlelit dinner for two, whilst watching and admiring the beautiful yachts and starry skies above.

Several stylish restaurants surround the marina offering a variety of delicious delicacies including Thai, Chinese, International, Mexican, Indian and of course Spanish and Tapas. Restaurants such as Carpaccio, Infuschia, La Sala Banus and many more offer splendid dining in beautiful surroundings.

La Sala Puerto Banus

Image courtesy of La Sala Banus




Ride The Waves – Hire a Yacht and Cruise the Med


If you really want to spoil yourselves and bring romance to it’s peak, how about hiring a Yacht for a few hours or even a day?

Many companies along the coast of the Costa del Sol such as Marbella Boat Charter who offer this service and include crew, snacks and drinks.

Just imagine sailing across the waters with a glass of champagne, enjoying the views of the coastline and the peace and tranquillity of being at sea. All you have to do is simply lie back, enjoy the sun and let the crew do all the work!

Hire a yacht costa del sol

Image courtesy of http://www.medboat.com




Watch the Sunset – At the DDG Retreat With Champagne and Strawberries

Once you finally return from any of the excursions from the list above, you will most definitely want to relax some more. What better way to complete your day of romantic leisure than to wind down with a glass of chilled Spanish Cava and some fresh mouth-watering local Spanish strawberries?

Please visit our main site for further information and a list of  our current packages at the DDG Retreat.

DDG Retreat

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